«Dorian» moving towards Florida as a Category 4 Hurricane

While this is not a weather blog, I still think this is impressive. The Atlantic hurricane season started quietly in June with not much activity until end of August. Now we are reminded that the hurricane seasons lasts till November with this impressive system called «Dorian».

That’s how the NOAA weather satellite saw the hurricane on August 31 early morning UTC.

Band 07:

Band 13:

Source and explanations is found at nesdis.noaa.gov

I found these animations, but they were animated gifs over 20MB in size, so I converted them into mp4 with size around 6MB.

Switching to Pixelfed

Decided today to ditch Instagram and start using Pixelfed more often. It’s quite a good alternative, and offers what I need. Though on pixelfed.social the storage is limited to 5GB, this seems enough for me for now.

One challenge, however, is to embed or publish Pixelfed stuff in or to other social media, like Mastodon or Twitter. There doesn’t seem an automated way to do that, but maybe I missed something…

Anyawy, you can find my stuff on Pixelfed at pixelfed.social/ofehrmedia and on Mastodon bne.social/@ofehrmedia