Follow-Up on Swiss Customers’ Revolut Allegedly Hacked

This is an update to yesterday’s article on allegedly hacked Revolut accounts.

Swiss Newspaper Tages-Anzeiger ran an new story today offering details on what allegedly happened. The article is behind I pay wall, so I can’t read it, but there seems to be a synopsis on Reddit and I am going to take this as the basis for some comments.

Most importantly, there are currently eight customers – all of them Swiss – that claim to have had their accounts hacked. Six of them indeed have receive a text message (sms) and where victims of a phishing attack. Two claim that that wasn’t the case for them.
So, after the current description of events, it was not Revolut that was hacked, but some of its Swiss customers.

However, there are a couple of strange things going on here.

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Revolut Accounts Allegedly Hacked

It all started yesterday, with an article on Swiss daily news Tages Anzeiger in which a Revolut customer claimed to have had CHF 30,000 booked of his Revolut account. The article was not particularly clear about what had actually happened, but trying to puzzle together from other news sources the claim seems to be that “Revolut allowed CHF 30,000 to be booked off a (UBS) Credit Card via Revolut’s Top-Up feature, and this despite the credit card limit being only CHF 15,000.

This claim seemed dubious to me, and still does, so I decided to dig a bit further. Today, the Swiss financial news site Inside Paradeplatz was writing of more cases, but they seem to be limited to Swiss customers.

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Blogging from Phone

This a test I want to try to block for my phone North by typing but speaking into the microphone. This works remarkably well how to have some problems sweets new paragraphs and carriage return!

Not bad for a first test at least the phone understands my English!!!