Swiss Authorities’ Covid19 Tips

Very minimalist approach by Swiss government, basically contenting itself with issuance of flyers containing useful tips on how to protect yourself and others from COVID19

Flyer Version Downloaded March 7, 2020
Latest version is at the website of the Federal Office of Public Health

Authorities mainly content themselves to tell citizens what the SHOULD be doing, like not using public transport at peak times, or keeping at least 2 metres distance from each other, as if that were even remotely possible for working people.
Disinfection of public transports – or at least the most neuralgic parts like the handlebars? No one does that.

Other than that authorities do nothing. Apparently, some medical equipment is running low already (with 210 cases only) and medical personal is told to work without protective gear, but make no attempt to procured more.

I also wonder whether there are any cases in which the virus was transmitted by grabbing a contaminated flyer or free newspaper of which there are tens of thousands read by hundreds of thousands of people every day?

I am relieved to know that the Federal Office of Public Health’s says that “The top priority for the Swiss Federal Council is the health of the public.” Everything okay then…

Economic Consequences of Covid19

It’s not even a severe epidemic (yet) and hopefully won’t be, but one lesson to be learnt is already obvious.

No on, absolutely no one is really prepared for such an event. Neither in terms of crisis management, nor in terms of economic and financial consequences.
In Switzerland has a bit over 100 coronavirus cases and health-care resources are already running low and personnel is overstretched, and in term of economic costs, they are starting to eat into the substance: Orders from abroad are low, tourism is down, banks’ share tank, etc

But thankfully, Federal and Cantonal governments have decided to “remain seized of the matter” and continue to observe the situation closely 😂

SMI is down almost 3.8% at 11:25
Banks’ shares fall under CHF 10 for the first time