Welcome – Привет

First post I write on this blog. It is hosted in Russia, and accessible only under a Cyrillic domain name. The purpose of this is to test internationalization of content and of legal requirements (as far as I can understand them).

The site’s name is : https://слипстрим.офермедия.рф
or if that doesn’t work try: https://xn--h1aahgngddj.xn--d1abanrkp4a9h.xn--p1ai

Basically, my immediate realization is that data is stored in Russia, but exchanged partially, at least, with other sites in the United States and United Kingdom, because WordPress and Google Analytics is used. It thus becomes very difficult to make any guarantees about the privacy of users data. Of course we use cookies and tracking. But since this is a blog, we refrain from collecting personally identifiable data apart form the IP-address – except if you choose to comment.
In any case you may want to read our privacy policy before engaging with or commenting on this site.