Business Continuity Considerations with #Covid19 and the Cloud

A lot has been said about how you can avoid being infected with the new #Coronavirus. One idea is to let people preferable work from home, also called “home office”.

Certainly a good idea in many instances! However, one needs to prepare for the case that in an epidemic outbreak situation, ISP and Cloud service providers might also be affected. People who work there might be infected too and not be able to work and so services might be diminished or not be available at all.
So, while the situation with Covid19 is not anywhere near that scenario, it is still something to think about when you are planning for business continuity!

Personally, I have not considered this scenario at all until I got an e-mail from Microsoft:

Microsoft reminding you to plan for business continuity in cases where the cloud is not available fully

Unfortunately, it appears that you need to log in to read their guidelines and while that would be okay, they ask you to accept a NDA before you can read the documents.

I don’t sing NDAs for free though, so I’ll pass that opportunity and get my information elsewhere, thank you very much!